Monday, January 26, 2009

Travel, Meeting and Mini Series

Saturday I drove Sandy and Michelle to Kansas City to catch a flight to Milwaukee. They made it safe and are having a great time with Cara Grace and the rest of the family. On the way back from KC I stopped at 3 book stores, (Half Price Books, Lifeway Christian, and Borders) and can you believe it, I didn't buy anything! I even have a gift certificate from Christmas for Borders. Ate at Texas Roadhouse and then came on home. I am babysitting Michelle's 2 dogs, so I have a houseful of Schnauzers. The 4 of them are sure keeping me on my toes. On Sunday after church, (I had 14 people in Sunday School - boy that was fun!) I went to the quarterly AHSGR (American Historical Society of Germans from Russia) meeting. It was the folklore meeting and ethnic foods. I ate too much good German food. One lady talked about and showed some old aprons. It brought back a lot of childhood memories of my grandmothers and mother wearing aprons and what all they did while wearing them, like cooking! It was a good meeting. Then Nich and I watched the miniseries, "The Last Templar," on NBC. It concluded tonight. I had read the book and enjoyed it, so was curious to see how they treated the sensitive material. It followed the book very closely and unlike most Hollywood productions, it actually portrayed Christianity and faith in a good light.


Lenore said...

4 doggies attack!

Linda J said...

you didn't buy ANY books? What's wrong with you?

Bet you're getting lots of doggy kisses!

Linda J said...