Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another busy weekend

Weekends around our house are always busy it seems. No late sleepers here. Yesterday Sandy had a Stampin' Up Demonstrators Meeting at 9am and I had a conference at the same time. One of her fellow demonstrators picked her up and she later met up with Michelle for haircuts and shopping. My conference was with a group called Americans for Prosperity.

It is a grassroots organization dedicated to free markets, limited government and lower taxes. There were a lot of speakers there and about 300 attendees. The keynote speaker was Jonah Goldberg, who I happen to be reading his book, Liberal Fascism.

I am only about 1/2 way through it, but it was really great to listen to the author talk about the book. There were other state and national Congressmen and state legislators there. Many of them spoke. It was a really good conference and because I was one of the first 100 to register, I got a nice leather portfolio. Today after church, Sandy and I went to Golden Corral for lunch and then to Michael's for Sandy to shop for craft stuff and finally to our home away from home Wal-Mart. I got to watch a little football last night and this afternoon also. Sandy had a card class for her Stampin' Up on Friday night and had like 10 people show up to make cards she designed. So all in all, another lazy weekend for us!


Lenore said...

Sounds like an interesting conference. I read on Linda's blog that she came to Sandy's class and that it was well-attended. Great!

Linda J said...

you guys sound just as busy as us! Sandy's party was fun - but man - it was crowded down there. When are you going to build a "Stampin' Up Workshop"?

jacker said...

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